photographs and words by Rahman Roslan


Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 4.37.09 PMWoke up this morning reading raining tributes to Mount Kinabalu Guides as unsung heroes despite harsh condition of SAR mission. Reading is one thing, to see the real faces is another. These guys (in the picture above), were my heroes on my climb few weeks ago. Four of them, lead by Siverinus, from Mesilou to Laban Rata were my companion. They joke, laugh, eat and sung with me. I remember one of them sang a rock kapak song to divert my attention of my trembling legs as we make to the top.

Whatever you’re doing, just pause for a while; 

According to the report,it will be quite a while before the park will be re-open. That means, no income for these guys. They have just lost their friends and family members,now their income. So look,my brothers from VI88 has come up with some idea to lend them a hand financially,at least for them to survive this trying period. They were there for us when we need them,we want to be there for them too. Personally, i will print my Mount Kinabalu Series photos in postcard size and will sell it at RM20 each. A series which consists of 5 postcards will be RM100. This is one of the postcard:

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 4.39.54 PM

It will be unlimited prints,with my fingerprint on it. 100% of the money will go directly to Siverinus and friends. Proof will be given in the form of pictures when i hand the money over to them to those who buys the prints.Pay when you received them.

If you want to help, email your orders at thedokumen@gmail.com , my team will respond with further details.

Many thanks in advance! May Allah Bless you.





“Sesungguhnya Rab (Tuhan)mu melapangkan rezeki kepada sesiapa yang Dia (Allah) kehendaki dan menyempitkannya; sesungguhnya Dia (Allah) terhadap hamba-hamba-Nya (Allah) adalah al-Khabir (Maha Mengerti), lagi al-Basir (Maha Melihat).” – [Al-Israk:30]

DUA RIBU EMPAT BELAS. Year of Sacrifice. Tahun yang penuh cerita, datang dari pelosok benua, pelbagai manusia. Aku ditemukan dengan lebih ratusan nyawa baru, dan lama yang penuh nostalgia. Juga penuh dengan tanda tanya.

“We are as the flute, and the music in us is from thee;
we are as the mountain and the echo in us is from thee.”

Mevlana Rumi (1207 – 1273)

Many stories have been photographed, listened, and told. But mine remain close to you and closed in the heart.

Listen to the heart, it is where HE exists.



Bingin and Padang Padang contact sheets.

First time shooting a travel piece with a phone. Liberating.

bingin-10bingin-09bingin-08bingin-07bingin-06 bingin-05bingin-04 bingin-02bingin-03 bingin-01

Excerpts from MH370 assignments

It has been a busy period for me. One event after another. But the most significant have to be the MH370. MH370, a flight no one would forget. At least for us photojournalists. Most of us might not know of anyone on board, but we do feel close to them. We prayed for them, we think of them. Till today. The families, i pray for your heart and soul to be strong. The least i can do is to bring the frontline closer to you all. We gave our very best. Local or foreign media, it doesnt matter. Everyone cares.

One thing i learn, do love your loved ones,unconditionally. Even if they dont love you back. They deserves only love from you.



Copyright Rahman Roslan / Getty Images


Recent commercial assignments for Getty Global Assignments : WTA 2014 Singapore launch

Occasionally, i really welcome commercial assignments from clients. Not only it challenges me in terms of handling the photography demand of it, but also these assignments always teach me something new every single time. For this assignment for Edelman and WTA, i had the chance to photograph world’s legendary tennis player, Chris Evert and WTA upcoming rising star, Eugenie Bouchard. Here are some photos from the assignments, i put some behind the scenes as well. Thank you to Oscar for the opportunity, Minn and Andy from WSG,and Sarah fro Edelman. It was a pleasure working with you guys.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageScreen shot 2014-01-29 at 12.27.49 PM

Copyrights of Rahman Roslan / Getty Images for Edelman and WTA

komentar sosial tentang pakar agama siber.

Ramai sekali menulis dalam ruangan media sosial. tentang agama. tentang Islam. tentang tuhan. saya itu saya ini. saya sufi saya wahabi saya salafi. saya betul awak salah. saya tahu awak tak faham. yang saya buat sunnah yang kamu buat bidaah. guru saya lurus guru kamu bengkok. tidak ada tabayun hanya berdasarkan fitnah. aduh. sibuk dengan hal orang lain maka diri sendiri penuh dengan rasa benci ego aku lah yang betul yang menentukan akidah kamu semua. ini semua kerja gila. akidah itu hak siapa? hidayah itu milik kamu? kasih dan cinta milik kamu juga? Jika Abu Nawas dilayan sebegini rupa sudah lama dipenggal kepala. Adapun yang mengaji berzikir menyanyi menari mengharapkan belas kasih dari sang pencipta. Tegurlah dengan cinta bukan dengan cerca. Yang sempurna bukan kamu tapi DIA.



“Dialah yang menurunkan kepadamu (wahai Muhammad) Kitab Suci Al-Quran. Sebahagian besar dari Al-Quran itu ialah ayat-ayat “Muhkamaat” (yang tetap, tegas dan nyata ma’nanya serta jelas maksudnya) ayat-ayat Muhkamaat itu ialah ibu (atau pokok) isi Al-Quran. Dan yang lain lagi ialah ayat-ayat “Mutasyaabihaat” (yang samar-samar, tidak terang maksudnya). Oleh sebab itu (timbullah faham yang berlainan menurut kandungan hati masing-masing) – adapun orang-orang yang ada dalam hatinya kecenderungan ke arah kesesatan, maka mereka selalu menurut apa-apa yang samar-samar dari Al-Quran untuk mencari fitnah dan mencari-cari Ta`wilnya (memutarkan maksudnya menurut yang disukainya). Padahal tidak ada yang mengetahui Ta`wilnya (tafsir maksud yang sebenar) melainkan Allah. Dan orang-orang yang tetap teguh serta mendalam pengetahuannya dalam ilmu-ilmu agama, berkata: “Kami beriman kepadanya, semuanya itu datangnya dari sisi Tuhan kami”. Dan tiadalah yang mengambil pelajaran dan peringatan melainkan orang-orang yang berfikiran.”


Surah Ali Imran. Ayat 7.

“Bermohonlah kepada Allah untuk mendapatkan kemudahan dan bimbingan. Mudah-mudahan nanti seorang Guru akan datang untuk menjawab pertanyaan yang merungsingkan kamu” Al-Fatihah.




Behind the scene 2013: On Assignment

Lots of photographers will normally publish their best photographs of the year when it comes to year end, but i wanted to share something that i dont normally share with public. The behind the scenes moments during my assignments in 2013. So here are some of it, pictures that i have in my possession. I will update the entry as i found more. Have a great year ahead, be wise and patient.

May Allah bless us with wisdom and love. 


Shamsul Adzrin and Abie, The Badang posed for me on the way to the top of Mount Kinabalu. We were there to cover Kinabalu Climbathon.




Selfie while waiting for the runners to pass me at Rockface, Mount Kinabalu.


Jessica from Singapore being playful while competing in world paragliding accuracy last leg in Ranau.



My first tandem paraglide with World no 2, Tamara Kostic. Thanks to the yery sweet and lovely Tamara for willing to take me on board! and Goran Djurkovic for his tandem harnest!




Someone is taking my photo in Ranau. I havent seen it yet =)



Joe Cochrane from NYT having a beer while doing vox pop in Bali. 



James having a nasi lemak lunch with the laundry bosses in Penang. He followed me during an assignment and i hope he enjoyed himself as much as i do.


Me shaking hands with the great grand son of Harley Davidson, Bill Davidson during Asia Harley Days.

I made lots of friends here, amazing people, always.


An Australian Airforce plane landed in Tacloban airport. Tacloban, has to be one of the hardest place iv been to in my life so far.Image

My buddy Adli Ghazali paused as he stands on a concrete wave barrier in Tacloban. Adli has often comes with me during assignments and witness the same thing. He is probably the most chill out guy iv ever known. Image

Adli shooting a dead body in Tacloban. Its a woman, in very sad state. We ‘talk’ to the body and pray for her soul before photographing her.


Ernie, my fixer and bike guy in Tacloban stops at his parent’s grave as we visit the first mass grave.Image

Adli rushing through a hill of soil to photograph something, Tacloban.


The workers who handle the dead bodies travel in this van, Tacloban.


As i was photographing a group of people living in a tanker, i came upon a group of teenagers in one of the cabin room in the ship.

They were playing guitar and singing some familiar songs. I told them i can be the drummer, and minutes later, we are jamming.Image

Adli photographing a kid on top of a tower on a tanker.Image

This lovely little girl has a very sweet smile and plays xylophone really well. She found the musical instrument underneath the rubbles in front of her flattened house in Tacloban.Image

Adli on the truck that carries dead bodies to the mass graves. There were about 10 bodies on the truck as this photo was taken.

The smell is memorable.


First time flying in a Huey to reach to areas without road access with the most accommodating air force iv ever encountered. Filipino Airforce in Tacloban.


Taking a refuge from a heavy rain underneath USAID tarpaulin on the tarmac of Tacloban airport.Image

As i walk into a location in Tacloban, i saw this hair. I hope the soul rest in peace InsyaAllah.Image

The kid reacted to me by lying and rolling on a floor of a gymnasium, where his family lives after typhoon yolanda.

I spent some time to play with these kids as i visit their ‘home’.Image

I found this old lady lying on the ground yelling for help. i thought she was injured, but after trying to lift her up on my own, i asked for assistance from neraby. These two lovely young couple helped me out, and they later inform me that the lady crawled out

of her small tent to a make shift toilet, but didnt have the energy to crawl back in. Image

Its a wrap!” shot with Isabel and Adli at Deria’s studio.Image

Richard Humpreys on assignment in Lahad Datu, during the “war” with the Phillipino Sulus.Image

Did my diving licence with my Buddy Sofian just for me to be able to photograph a story about divers.Image

Porait of Richard in front of Kampung Simunul just before we enter. This is where few policemen were slain by the sulu rebels. The kampung is so notorious that even a local guy advised us not to go in just by ourself. Its not the smartest decision, but we went in, nd came back out in one piece. Alhamdulillah. Few days later, a guy was shot dead during a police operation in this kampung, as he attacked the police with a parang.Image

Me in the middle of a lopp of volunteers dancing during Rainforest music festival, Santubong.




Tacloban : Typhoon Yolanda Aftermath contact sheets

With the name of Allah. Peace be upon you.

There’s so much to be said. Yolanda devastated the beautiful land of Tacloban. Me and few friends came after many news people has left. When we first see it by our own eyes, we were lost for words, but we begin to take photographs. I hope the pictures capture whats important beyond the destruction; impact, struggle of humanity and love.

*For those who are interested with the usage of the images, please email me directly.




En route.

Its been a while since i last posted something on the blog. But now i have few hours to kill, besides sending emails out, settling the bills, and replying messages, i have few minutes to write my thoughts, so why not.

Iv been going to few different places this few months. Its amazing how through photography, iv been able to see so much and there’s so much more coming, InsyaAllah.

But the most profound experience has to be photographing the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban. The destruction is beyond imagination, and the people there, they have the heart of an angel. One guy who has to live in a tanker washed away to the shore by the sheer power of the typhoon has the heart to served me a cup of coffee when he has very little for himself and his family. Heart breaking stuffs.  I will post more on my experience there, but i got to run for now. Back to being En route.

Here’s a picture from Tacloban for everyone to reflect and appreciate what we have today. Most of the times, i forget. InsyaAllah.


Contact sheets of an on-going work + Cloud Atlas sextet

sudah lama mata aku dibuka.

bertemu jua dengan mu ya Ramadhan.

jalan dibuka, hati diduga.

bukanlah hak untuk meminta. hanya tunduk menerima.

suka disini, sakit disana. pasti ada. 

resam manusia, leka lupa. cacat cela.

resam tuhan, sempurna.





“What is an ocean but a multitude of drops” – Cloud Atlas.