En route.

by rahmanroslan

Its been a while since i last posted something on the blog. But now i have few hours to kill, besides sending emails out, settling the bills, and replying messages, i have few minutes to write my thoughts, so why not.

Iv been going to few different places this few months. Its amazing how through photography, iv been able to see so much and there’s so much more coming, InsyaAllah.

But the most profound experience has to be photographing the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban. The destruction is beyond imagination, and the people there, they have the heart of an angel. One guy who has to live in a tanker washed away to the shore by the sheer power of the typhoon has the heart to served me a cup of coffee when he has very little for himself and his family. Heart breaking stuffs.  I will post more on my experience there, but i got to run for now. Back to being En route.

Here’s a picture from Tacloban for everyone to reflect and appreciate what we have today. Most of the times, i forget. InsyaAllah.