by rahmanroslan

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 4.37.09 PMWoke up this morning reading raining tributes to Mount Kinabalu Guides as unsung heroes despite harsh condition of SAR mission. Reading is one thing, to see the real faces is another. These guys (in the picture above), were my heroes on my climb few weeks ago. Four of them, lead by Siverinus, from Mesilou to Laban Rata were my companion. They joke, laugh, eat and sung with me. I remember one of them sang a rock kapak song to divert my attention of my trembling legs as we make to the top.

Whatever you’re doing, just pause for a while; 

According to the report,it will be quite a while before the park will be re-open. That means, no income for these guys. They have just lost their friends and family members,now their income. So look,my brothers from VI88 has come up with some idea to lend them a hand financially,at least for them to survive this trying period. They were there for us when we need them,we want to be there for them too. Personally, i will print my Mount Kinabalu Series photos in postcard size and will sell it at RM20 each. A series which consists of 5 postcards will be RM100. This is one of the postcard:

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 4.39.54 PM

It will be unlimited prints,with my fingerprint on it. 100% of the money will go directly to Siverinus and friends. Proof will be given in the form of pictures when i hand the money over to them to those who buys the prints.Pay when you received them.

If you want to help, email your orders at , my team will respond with further details.

Many thanks in advance! May Allah Bless you.