Thaipusam/Kartik’s contact sheet 1

by rahmanroslan


I first started my photojournalism journey photographing Thaipusam. It was almost 6 years ago. Thaipusam is a personal challenge. Thousands of photographers has captured every kind of Thaipusam photos you could imagine. For the 7th year, i wanted to do something different. I followed a devotee, his name is Kartik. He’s 25 years old. A young chap with a wonderful personality. So it was kind of a first time for both of us. First time for him carrying kavadi, paying his homage to Lord Muruga. First time for me to photograph some one that i personally know during Thaipusam. I do feel the pressure of capturing the essence of the event that occurs to him, and around him. I hope the photographs will embodies their spirit and speak to them beyond the obvious.

Working on it right now.