Those who can, Erase education inequity – TFM

by rahmanroslan

Teach For Malaysia is an amazing movement . The founders, the team core members, the interns are bunch of intelligent, creative, dedicated people . Super dedicated. Its an honor for me to be able to witness this historical effort by young Malaysians, who simply, make things happen. No matter what it takes, they make things happen. In their cause, erasing education inequity. Powerful cause, that can change a nation, and this nation, needs it.

So, after going through so many challenges ( you can read the history of TFM here ) , TFM has managed to recruited and trained 50 “Fellows” under their first cohort for the program. These carefully selected Fellows have undergone a very tough and unique selection process, as i get to know them, i was mesmerized by their intelligence, sincerity, and big heart. Very special group of people indeed. As Fellows started off their remarkable journey teaching in school last week, facing real challenges, i would love to bring back some memories and insight for them, the team, and you guys to cheerish upon. All the best, and i’ll see you very soon fellows =)


“One of the greatest influences in my life, my mother, is a school teacher herself – and I’ve always thought of her job as a “paid hobby”. I teach tuition in my spare time while studying, and have a group of 15 youth (secondary school boys) whom I regularly mentor in my youth group at church, teaching them life lessons. Teaching gives me the satisfaction of knowing I have imparted something meaningful into another life, and I have myself been blessed by great teachers myself. Teach For Malaysia’s goals match my passion to teach, and I hope to add value to the classroom when I teach. I’ve always believed that a teacher does not just teach a textbook lesson, he/she teaches his/her students about life too. Joining Teach For Malaysia would grant me the opportunity to leave a legacy. At some point of my university life, I realized that there is little significance in achieving fame or accumulating great wealth, because these things have no permanent value, and they do not last beyond a (my) lifetime. Understanding that, I have since invested much of my time in the lives of others , because at the end of the day, people are what truly matter. I aspire to make a difference, I hope to impart confidence, a sense of worth and hope into my students.” 

                                                                                                                                                                       – Abel Cheah / Proud Fellows of TFM First Cohort.



In 2 months, the Fellows have create a bond that will last forever.

In 2 years, they will create a history that will shape the future of this nation.

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