KL-Kota Kinabalu-Kundasang short trip

by rahmanroslan

I had the chance to do a short trip to KK last weekend with a UM team for a project about drug abuse among Sabah natives.

I am very sad to see Kota Kinabalu in reality, very foreign to me, very wild as well, almost out of control kind of city.

Stayed in a hit and run hotel, RM30, cheap, interesting, and close to action.

The mirror in my room is like an art masterpiece, made out of  bird shit. I have no idea know how it ends up there though.

Hope i could find some time to post some images from the slum i went to later, quite an interesting experience i had there.

Before leaving for KL, decided to pay Kundasang a visit. Last picture was taken by dear friend Khawla, a fellow researcher from UM.

I was walking up the track/ladder at the national park, as the rain pours. We were taking a break from the sunny and hot KK. It was cold, but refreshing up here.

With so much stories to be reported, i will definitely be back Sabah, InsyaAllah.

For now, back to shooting Ramadhan!