Anti Mubarak street protest in Kuala Lumpur

by rahmanroslan

Old haggard and cornered man,
you think in this dawn, that you can?

You are not even a hint of mubarak.
Only a piercing dagger from Barak.

Profess your blood is of Egypt’s life!
Like a devil sucks your ruinous wife.

On our blood, you have grown fat.
Soon you’ll run like Ben Ali the rat.

Get up goon, hurry and get out soon
Don’t wait a day or the waning moon.

Writ large our hurt and angry face.
The torture and pain of every race.

You stole our ‘MISH’ and our milk.
Taken to far-off lands, by your ilk.

You sold us and our country cheap.
Never you bothered, seeing us weep.

You’ve learned nothing in these days?
Even now, refusing to end your ways.

You are just crazy and being blind.
Soon you criminal you will find.

Go get lost, curse on you, before it’s late.
Though you deserve a horrible fate.

Just yet, we let you shamefully walk away.
Where ever maybe you’ve held your sway.

We abhor you Mubarak for what you are.
Hatefully we wish you, to hell and far.

Speak the same vain and empty words.
Consider us nothing, no more then herds.

We say to you “Kifaya, ya razeel! ”
Anta majnoon, ya marz al maut, bin Israel.

saadat tahir.